Refugee Project: Muhammed Sankari

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Multi-image Projection on St Mary's Church, Walthamstow, London. December 2016.

Muhammed Sankari, a gay Syrian refugee went missing from the temporary home in Istanbul which he shared with friends. His body was found two days later; he had been killed in an act of extreme violence.

Unnatural Histories

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Recent major paintings from the series 'Stranger' , exhibited in 'Unnatural Histories' at the Sun Pier Gallery, Chatham, in October 2016

Ghost on the Wire #2

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The second stage of DEM Project's trans-national exhibition 'Ghost on the Wire' was shown at Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, Singapore, August 18-September 4 2016. 'Ghost on the Wire #2' attracted 1,400 visitors during the exhibition run. An artist talk held in the gallery space featured many of the participating artists. GOTW#2 was made possible with the generous support of the National Arts Council of Singapore, the partnership of Objectifs, and with additional sponsorship from the Austrian Embassy and from Canon Singapore.

Project website:


Myself Coming The Other Way

Oil on Canvas, 2016

Mysterious Objects at Noon, ArtLacuna, London

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October 2015. Mysterious Objects at Noon', first shown at Objectifs, Singapore, exhibited at ArtLacuna London.

Stills from LHRSIN collaborative split-screen film with Min-Wei Ting, 2015

DEN-City, London, 2015

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DEN-City1 is a temporary utopian city of installations, dens and assemblages addressing the theme of Work in Progress. DEN - City1 will be mushrooming on a prime piece of land by the Olympic site, in response to the London Festival of Architecture.

Curated by Rebecca Feiner

Featuring art, talks, workshops, to poetry, performance and Opening Night events

Opening Event: Friday June 26 2015,- 6-9pm.

Exhibition: Saturday June 27, 2-9pm to Sunday June 29, 1-4pm

Forman's Fish Island Riviera

H.Forman & Son, Stour Road, E3 2NT London, United Kingdom

Mysterious Object at Noon, Objectifs, Singapore 2015

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What happens when  artists work collaboratively? – what changes in their practice and in their ways of thinking about making art? Ten artists, five from Singapore and five from the United Kingdom have joined together to  create five duo projects, in a 21st Century remake of the Surrealists’ game of  ‘Exquisite Corpse’. The films, performance, text, photo-montage and installations that have come from these collaborations will be shown at the  Objectifs Gallery in Singapore, March 10 – 17 2015.

While some of the  pairs knew each other before the start of the project, others are meeting for the first time –  and some of these may never even meet face to face. All of the five collaborations have this element in common: they have all been devised and predominantly created in virtual reality – by Skype, email, IM messaging or video file sharing, produced in separate rooms and studios across cities and continents.

‘Mysterious Objects at Noon’ has been made possible with the generous support of the National Arts Council, Singapore.  It runs in conjunction with the GREAT British Week Singapore (7-14 March 2015) hosted by the British High Commission and British Council Singapore.

We are grateful to Objectifs for all their help in staging the exhibition. The show will travel to ArtLacuna, London, in October 2015.

Mysterious Objects at Noon Team:

Suzanne De Emmony & Gavin Maughfling, DEM Projects,United Kingdom.  Project Curators.

May Leong, Singapore. Project Co-ordinator.


Over Time, London 2014

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Short film 'Loitering' (, painting and text for 'Over Time', curated by Anne Robinson, University of Greenwich, September 2014

Over imearThe Over Time Art roject


Over Time  is a visual arts project about time passing, curated by Anne Robinson. There are ten artists taking part, working across a range of media including painting, film, performance and animation.   Each one will make a response to spending precisely the same fixed amount of ‘clock time‘ in specific stretch of the Thames foreshore around Enderby’s Wharf, during the weeks and months leading into the exhibition/performance period. The work derived from time spent in this historically resonant and atmospheric riverside space will result in a weekend of activities: 13th and 14th September, 2014 and an exhibition at the University of Greenwich 18th September to 16th October There will also be a day of performance and film works at the National Maritime Museum on Sunday 26th October. All of the invited artists are already engaged in some way in working with aspects of temporality, such as perception, elasticity, affect, politics, recording and value.

The space on the foreshore is particularly important to the project because of the richness of the layers of time visible there – the current rapidly changing landscape, the natural markers, the tides and the bend of the river and the industrial heritage and history, including the site where the first underwater telegraph cables were laid. We are also working with local contacts to set up workshops responding directly to this environment in light of imminent changes. The project is being developed in collaboration with Ian Thompson, sound artist based at the University of Greenwich and The Facility Creative Practice as Research group at London Met University. The other confirmed artists are: Ella Finer, Rachel Gomme, Ian Thompson, Claudia Firth, Charlie Fox, Sarah Sparkes, Victoria Gray, Katharine Fry and Gavin Maughling, Jo David and Birgitta Hosea all of whom have outstanding  reputations in their various fields, including performance digital animation, dance and sound and  have been involved in arts projects of international standing. Please use the Contact link above if you have any queries about the project.
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Ghost on the Wire, London-Singapore 2014

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Curation, in collaboration with Suzanne De Emmony and with the support of the National Arts Council of Singapore and the Bermondsey Project Space and the participation of twenty-two artists from the United Kingdom, Singapore and Belgium:


Ghost on the Wire

Bermondsey Project Space

46 Willow Walk,

Private View: Thursday June 12, 6.30 – 10 PM

Opening Hours: Friday June 13-Sunday June 15, 10 - 7 PM

How do we talk to each other when our communication is mediated by language and technology across time and space? In this exhibition twenty-two established and up-and-coming artists from the United Kingdom and Singapore address this theme with diverse and exhilarating responses.

Works range from Eleanor Moreton’s I Narcissus, her re-interpretation of the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus and Dan Hays’s painting of his Colorado doppelganger to Tania De Rozario and Lynn Lu’s two-room installation Fuse with myriad grazing silkworms.

In her haunting film Fragments on Machines Emma Charles observes the evolution of New York’s architecture to accommodate the matconnectors that comprise the physical manifestation of the “virtual” world. Natalie Dawkins uses humour in works exploring the ways in which we control - and are controlled by - social media. Min-Wei Ting’s elegiac work You’re Dead To Me communes with the tropical forests and ancient tombs of Singapore’s Bukit Brown cemetery, a location further explored in Zai Tang and Simon Ball's animated soundscape composition Exploit.

In Love, Piracy Manu Luksch invites visitors to collaborate in an act of undermining censorship, while Sarah Choo’s film Hidden Dimension explores moments of solitude within contemporary family life, and Debbie Ding’s gentle sculptural work Lint reflects on intimacy and traces in a long-distance relationship.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a full colour catalogue. On the evening of Saturday June 14th at  the gallery will also host ‘Broken Telephone’, a celebration of contemporary Singaporean and British writing and poetry presented by Singapore writer and artist Tania De Rozario, with invited guest writers.

Ghost of the Wire is an immersive and richly textured show which asks us to think again about our public and private modes of communication in the modern age.

Full exhibition details are at

Ghost on the Wire is curated by DEM Projects (Gavin Maughfling and Suzanne De Emmony) with the support of the National Arts Council of Singapore. 

Modern Art Oxford, February 2013

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'Sam' selected for Ruskin Shorts 2013.


Short film 'Sam' seleced for Ruskin Shorts, shown at Modern Art Oxford, February 2013. The selection panel included Elizabeth Price, Turner prize winner 2013, Emily Korchmaros, Curator at Modern Art Oxford, and Gil Leung, LUX.

Cities: All Dimensions, London 2013

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Two paintings from the Singapore HDB series in Part 1 of 'Cities: All Dimensions' at the Tokarska Gallery, London.The exhibition runs from February 14 - 24.

Works on Display

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Two large canvasses, 'Kirkdale' and 'North' loaned to the Westminster offfice of the Leader of the Opposition, the Right Honourable Ed Milliband MP.

Exhibitions 2012, London

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Putney School of Art and Design, Friday October 19th, 6.30 to 8.30pm.

Putney School of Art and Design, Oxford Road, London SW15 2LQ

Exhibitions 2012, Singapore

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Invited by artist and curator Tania de Rozario to show in the exhibition 'Landing Places', which ran from July to September 2012 at the Objectifs Gallery, Singapore. The exhibition, under the umbrella of  the IndigNation 2012 festival, featured the work of artists inside and beyond Singapore looking at queer concepts of home.

Two new works, 'Block 704' and '26 Aubrey Road'. Both paintings are from the most recent series of paintings, which deal with images from skype conversations and explore proximity and separation in mediated long-distance relationships.

News, Singapore

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Over the first thee months of 2012,Gavin worked in a large studio space in an industrial unit in Singapore. During this period he produced paintings as part of the HDB Singapore series, as a response to the island's visual and social context. He also recorded the experience in a blog, which can be viewed at:

Mostyn Open

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Three paintings from the recent series 'DDR' selected for the biennial Mostyn Open Exhibition 2011. The works will be exhibited at the Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno from May 21 - July 9.












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