The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Gavin Maughfling


no format Gallery


Casting House, Moulding Lane, off Arklow Road, Deptford, SE14 6BN

Private View Wednesday November 24, 6 - 9 PM

Exhibition runs November 25 - 28

Opening hours: Thursday & Friday 2 – 5 PM, Saturday and Sunday 1 – 6 PM

Artist talk: Saturday November  27, 3 – 5 PM


These new paintings reach beyond the specific narrative of the photographic image. Originating in Alain Guiraudie’s 2013 film L’Inconnu du lac, as well as in found images of cruising sites, they explore themes of loneliness and casual rejection; of hope and waiting; of sudden and unexpected acts of kindness and queer companionship; of the collision of desire and danger; and of the role of their landscapes, which appear to both witness and reflect and ultimately absorb the events they contain.

 Engaging in part in a conversation with the history of narrative painting and scenes of Arcady and myth, reset in a contemporary context, their pictorial spaces work as theatrical stages. The landscapes are arenas into which the protagonists enter and play out different dramas of desire, waiting, rejection, encounter, sex and vanishing. Behind them is an ever-present echo of Titian’s two Diana Acteon paintings. Acteon the hunter pulls back the curtain, making us the viewers complicit in his own voyeurism. In his death, the landscape is witness to a small event unseen by human eye, and when the action has passed, will return again to its mute emptiness on a blustery autumn afternoon.

Gavin Maughfling’s recent exhibitions include Beep Painting Biennial, Elysium Gallery 2020, between parts undone, studio1.1 Gallery London, 2020; Creekside Open 2019, APT London; Artworks 2019, Barbican Art Trust; Did You See Me Coming?, no format Gallery 2019; Beyond the Binaries, House of St. Barnabas, London 2018, Ghost on the Wire 2, Objectifs, Singapore 2016 and Over Time at the University of Greenwich and National Maritime Museum 2014. With Suzanne de Emmony, he has co-curated major international exhibitions in the UK and Singapore. He is currently working with Steph Goodger on Pull Back The Curtain, a project that explores unseen but sensed traces of events, with a forthcoming exhibition at Rosalux Galley, Berlin.

Beep Paiinting Biennial 2020

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'Aftermath' was selected by Enzo Marra and Steph Goodger for exhibition in the Beep Paiunting Biennial 2020, held at the Elysium Gallery, Swansea.

between parts undone, studio1.1 Gallery, London, February - March 2020

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between parts undone


studio1.1, 57A Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DJ

7 February - 1 March 2020

Private View: 6 February, 6 - 9 pm

Open: Thursday - Sunday, 12 - 6 pm or by appointment


Tel: 07952 986 696

Artist talk with Sacha Craddock: Sunday 9 February at 3 pm


" … identity will always be something that must be created. What we have on our hands is something that is essentially unfinished. Instead of looking for repose, instead of looking for some collective or individual "end of gay history" in the complete and full adequation of oneself, we had better accept the inevitably provisional unforeseeable character - on both the individual and collective levels - of what it means to be gay." 

Didier Eribon, 'Insult and the Making of the Gay Self'.

Our painting practices, in different ways, draw on some form of collage process, either manually or in the use of digital layering. To quote J. A. Nicholls : “ There’s something pleasingly excessive going on, beyond the idea of an ending (or an identity), a surplus aspect (or 'plus-value’ to use a term used by Paul Ricoeur about metaphor) which emerges in some collage painting. It’s definitely active as it holds the viewer’s attention in the instance of a performance between parts. All our borrowing, displacement, transposition and deviation emphasises a doing rather than a done.”

‘between parts undone’ extends on the thesis proposed by Didier Eribon in ‘Insult and the Making of the Gay Self’, in which he suggests that queer identities are contingent, not fixed, and that, both collectively and individually, we are continually challenged and liberated to reconsider and re-form our identities in response to ever changing contingencies, internal and external. Who are our ancestors, our heroes and heroines, our fathers and mothers?  How has the history of those who came before us made us that which we are, and what legacy will we leave for those who come after us?  There is no ‘there there’, or resolved state towards we march, except perhaps as a utopian ideal. Rather, our being, the shaping we make of ourselves and the narrative we construct to order our lives and our wider communities, are in a continual state of  flux. This contingent state of fluidity presents us, not with a hindrance, but instead, with the  boundless opportunity for creation and re-creation.

The exhibition creates a dialogue across the works of three painters in which these questions find echoes and different kinds of answers, drawn out of differing experiences. We are artists whose practices evidence a consciousness of our position as situated in the history of identity. In our work, representations of the self and the body are not necessarily ones most  conventionally depicted in mainstream culture, including those predominating in queer cultural imagery. We are interested in new ways of exploring experience that respond to these ideas of contingency, to how we find things now, and to the new, fast-changing and increasingly fluid world we are in. We are interested in imagining new ways of being .

David Lock, Gavin Maughfling, J.A. Nicholls.

Artist bios

J.A. Nicholls. Born in the UK, Nicholls studied painting at Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College, London. Selected exhibitions include the Performativity of Painting at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich, the Ruth Borchard Prize at Piano Nobile, the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, Creative London, at Space_K, Gwacheon in Korea and Jerwood Contemporary Painters.

David Lock (b. Leicester) graduated from Goldsmiths, London with an MA in Fine Art following a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The University of Reading. Recent exhibitions include 'Creekside Open' 2019 Selected by Sacha Craddock, APT Gallery, London, 'Telescope' curated by Nigel Cooke, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, 'John Moores Painting Prize' 2018, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 'The Performativity of Painting', the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich and a solo show 'Fragmented Eros' at studio1.1, London in 2018

Gavin Maughfling studied at the Ruskin School of Art at the University of Oxford, and subsequently at the University of East London. He has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and Singapore. Recent exhibitions include the Creekside Open 2019, APT Gallery, selected by Sacha Craddock; Artworks 2019, Barbican Arts Project Space,  selected by Emma Talbot and Alex Schady; ‘Did You See Me Coming?’ no format Gallery; ‘Beyond the Binaries’, the House of St. Barnabas, and ‘Over Time’, University of Greenwich and National Maritime Museum. With Suzanne de Emmony he co-founded DEM projects, curating international exhibitions in London and Singapore.


Artworks 2019

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'All the Boys' is one of the work selected by Emma Talbot and Alex Schady, as part of this year's Barbican Arts  Group Trust's Artworks open call. 

Did You See Me Coming?

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'Did You See Me Coming' is the opening exhibtion at no format Gallery's new space at Deptford Foundry.

These recent  paintings use processes of layering to create complex narratives. Their imagery roams across recent decades of queer experience. They take in sources as varied as gay home movies from 1950s America, the reality TV show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, footage of the show’s creator RuPaul in bohemian 1980s Manhattan, current Youtube video blogs created by young queer Londoners, and the artist’s own private photograph and film archives.

The works examine the contingent and fluid nature of queer experience, and the ways in which its foundations continually re-adjust to changing social conditions. They suggest that our ongoing reshaping of identity is enriched by the handing on of intergenerational knowledge, through the recounting of personal trajectories, domestic lives and political struggles.

Creekside Open 2019

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"Behind the Rose Hedge' has been selected by Sacha Craddock for inclusion in the Creekside Open 2019, APT Gallery, London. 


CREEKSIDE OPEN 2019 selected by Sacha Craddock | Thursday 13 June to 7 July 2019
Exhibition open | Thursday to Sunday from 12noon to 5pm

Prize Giving: Saturday 15 June 2019

This Year's Model 2019, Studio 1.1

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'Is There Something On My Face' will be shown as part of 'This Year's Model  2019 (Part 1) at Studio 1-1 Gallery, Redchurch Street, London, in January 2019.


Private View: Thursday January 10, 6 - 9 PM 

Artists: Jillian Knipe, Rupert Hartley, Caroline Thomson, David Edmond, Olivia Irvine, Wayne Clough, Julie Caves, Amanda Benson, Miranda Boulton, Trevor Simmons, Rosie West, Russell Herron, Pauline Hall, Kelly Sweeney, Euan Stewart, Bol Marjoram, Gavin Maughfling, Stephen Buckeridge

The Parc, Leyden Gallery

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The Parc', a short film shot in Singapore, will be shown a spart of the  Leyden Gallery's video film nights programme, Autumn 2018


'Beyond the Binaries', Quay Arts

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"Bootylicious' in the  IW Pride and 2018 Winter Pride Arts Award Exhibition at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Finalist, Emerald Winter Pride Awards, House of St. Barnabas

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'Bootylicious' has been chosen for the Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards

Simon Tarrant, Director of the Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards said, "Winter Pride's latest art competition was inspired by the 50th anniversary celebrations of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act that decriminalised homosexuality. Responding to our theme, Beyond the Binaries, we received over 700 entries from around the world and 17 Finalists have been selected. Artists have really risen to the challenge to create work that stimulates dialogue about modern day issues - not just of gender, identity and sexuality - but of race, religion and politics. The resulting exhibition is both profound and thought provoking, a show not to be missed."

Held in conjunction with The House of St Barnabas' not-for-profit visual arts programme The Collective, proceeds from the sales of all artwork goes towards The House of St Barnabas' Employment Academy, supporting people affected by homelessness into lasting paid work.

The exhibition runs from 26 January - 6 June at The House of St Barnabas. To visit please book on to their monthly art tour:

A touring exhibition of the 2018 Winter Pride Art Awards will take place from 9 June to 30 July at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight in partnership with Isle of Wight Pride, who recently won the bid to host UK Pride 2018

Voice: Solo Exhibition, London 2017

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Westminster Reference Library, St. Martins Street London WC2H 7HP

October 24-28.
Opening: Tuesday October 24, 6-8 PM

Artist Talk and Closing Event: Saturday, October 28, 2-4 PM

On the net four young gay men talk about the difficult terrain they have crossed to get to this point, sharing their struggles with school, bullying, racism, loneliness and prejudice, turning over current questions of identity and gender politics, the bonds and betrayals of friendship and their first thrilling, disappointing and troubling experiences of love. Over a year of broadcasts and Instagram streams and intense and supportive friendship, they experiment with multiple self-images and potential future trajectories, broadcasting in the process to a large online following.

Film Collaboration with Min-Wei Ting

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I am delighted to announnce that Min-Wei Ting and I will be showing a new collaborative film at Sheffield Instiute of the Arts, as part of 'In the Open', a multi-disciplinary exhibition held over several venues, opening on September 6 2017.

For this proposal we shall visit Bukit Brown, the ancient Chinese cemetery in Singapore, collaborating as painter and filmmaker, Singaporean and British. A new relief road has been carved through the rain forest, its non-traversable cutting cleaving in two the former cemetery’s sectors. Entering any rainforest space in Singapore is always to cross a boundary, to abruptly slip out of a cityscape that has been constructed on human exceptionalism into a world in which that exceptionalism is disrupted.

Exhibition website:

Antennae, Lubimorov/Angus-Hughes

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'Atlantis', shown in 'Antennae', Lubimorov/Angus-Hughes, London May 2017

Refugee Project: Muhammed Sankari

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Multi-image Projection on St Mary's Church, Walthamstow, London. December 2016.

Muhammed Sankari, a gay Syrian refugee went missing from the temporary home in Istanbul which he shared with friends. His body was found two days later; he had been killed in an act of extreme violence.

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